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You called your business WHAT?

Another blog about that Trump man. Bear with me, caller. I am reproducing here, shortened stephen fry gambling otherwise unaltered, a diary entry that became a chapter in the book I wrote about my travels around the United States. We started at stephen fry gambling top right with Maine, and the eighth on our list, stephen fry gambling, in Decemberwas New Jersey. Best known in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for its boardwalk, all seven ganbling of it, Atlantic City on the south Jersey shore stephen fry gambling one sstephen the most prosperous and successful resort towns in America.

After the Second World War it freefell into what seemed irreversible decline, until, as a last ditch effort inthe citizens voted to allow gambling. Two years later the first casino in the eastern United States opened gzmbling ever since Atlantic City has been second only to Las Vegas as a plughole into which high and low rollers from all over the world are irresistibly drained.

The weather does not help, heavy bruised skies brood over grey Atlantic rollers and on the beach the tide leaves a line of scummy frothing mousse and soggy litter. Would it not have been better to gamblinv the home of Monopoly, this seedy resort town and remnant of clooney gambling george way of holidaying, simply fall into the sea? Instead we are given an frt Gehenna, a place of such tawdry, tacky, tinselly, tasteless and trumpery tat that the desire to run away clutching my hand to my mouth is overwhelming.

But no, I must brave the interior of the most tawdry and literally trumpery tower of them all … The Trump Taj Mahal. For taking the name of the priceless mausoleum of Agra, one of the beauties and wonders of the world, for that alone Donald Trump should be stripped naked and whipped with scorpions all along the boardwalk. It is as if a giant toad has raped a butterfly. I am not an enemy of developers, fr se; I know that people must make money card credit merchant gambling service wireless construction and development projects, I know that there is a demand and that casinos will be built.

I can pardon Trump all his vanities and shady junk-bonded dealings and financial brinkmanship, I would even forgive him his hair, were it not that everything he does is done with such poisonously atrocious taste, such false glamour, such shallow grandeur, such cynical vulgarity. At least Las Vegas developments, preposterous as they are, have a kind of joy and wit to them … oh well, it is no good putting off the moment, Stephen. The automatic doors of the black smoked glass entrance hiss open and I am inside.

I see at once that the casino harrahs riverboat, boardwalk side of Atlantic City is deliberately kept as unappealing as possible, just to make sure people stay inside.

All you need is here: There is nothing here stepheh I would not be ashamed to be seen owning. Oh, casino room keys we stay here one minute longer? They can afford to lavish a quarter of a million bucks on each chandelier, can they? And where does this money come from, we wonder?

Sales of patent leather belts casino in pocono mountains onyx desk sets? No, from the remorseless mathematical fact that gambling is profitable. It is a certainty. This abattoir may be made of marble, but it is still a place for stunning, plucking, skinning and gutting sad chickens.

It is with real pleasure that I leave Atlantic City behind me, certain that I shall never return. I hope never to hear the name again. Now, I am not claiming that there is any remarkable degree of prophecy or insight to be found in that furiously intemperate outpouring. Anyone could have seen eight years ago ten years ago, twenty years ago that Trump was poison.

Not because of his disgusting Mexican walls, but because of his disgusting marbled walls. Not because of his unacceptably vulgar and contemptuous speeches, but because of his unacceptably vulgar and contemptuous buildings. In case you think that is glib and silly, let me expand a little. The story goes that he was asked in Gamblng whether he had an opinion as to why America was such a violent country. Casino free games listings was a country founded little more than a hundred years earlier in the spirit of the most optimistic and harmonious enlightenment stephen fry of justice, equality and freedom.

Yet now it was recovering from the psychic shock gambling having recently erupted in the most bloody civil war in human history. The West was casinos in nd up in a trail of blood too: Even species were being slaughtered wholesale, the buffalo, the bear and the passenger pigeon.

In Chicago and New York the first gangs were beginning to exert their deadly grip. Everything, in short, was going wrong with America, that great and noble experiment. The first reaction to such a remark might be to laugh. Or to roll the eyes. So facetious, so precious, so appallingly trivial in the face of such a question. Stephen fry gambling first reaction would be wholly wrong.

Wilde was brought up under the powerful influence of two great aestheticians I say that rather than aesthetes, there is a difference — Walter Stephen fry and John Ruskin. Under them Wilde learned a very important truth. An aesthetic wrong is a moral wrong. Aesthetics and morals are inextricably interwoven.

If a thing is ugly it is wicked. If it is beautiful it is good. The qualities flowed both ways of course. If gambling thing was good it was, or became, beautiful. If it was wicked, it was ugly. Have we not all found gamnling a lovely, captivating face belonging to an unkind, proud or unpleasant person very soon becomes an ugly face?

Next time, we will stphen on the alert when we see that kind of apparent loveliness again. In other words, our sense of beauty like our sense of smell has evolved free no deposit casino intro warn us. Evil smells are bad for us. Ugliness is bad for us.

Or, if you prefer, what is bad for us we have learned to find ugly. Whether it be the deserts or the arctic wastes, the fells, the plains, the tundra, the bush, the cataracts, the mountains, the veld, the savannah, the jungle or the coastlines … nature is unconditionally and extraordinarily beautiful. Ugly to the point of contemptuous, terrible and wicked. Ornaments and utensils stamped out in cheap base metals, dangerous to the touch and horrid to the eye: Can disconnection, contempt for life and ready violence really be such a surprising outcome?

I am old enough to remember how as a nation Britain underwent a rediscovery of these thoughts when we finally awoke and rubbed our eyes in disbelief at what had been done with the thoughtless development of ugly, ugly, socially sterile and contemptuous tower-block council flats and brutalist concrete city centres in the s.

His being funny was an index of his high seriousness, especially in matters of design, beauty, happiness, moral tone stephen fry gambling their eternal interconnectedness. Which brings us back to Trump. It is not his policies setphen stand as the clearest guide to his wickedness, contempt, stupidity, meanness and lack of moral character, it is his atrocious and life-throttling taste. But in fact he has already won.

Trump is gamblinv faux-mahogany and fake-brass lamp and ceiling fan available in Target and Walmart that swirls and beats the air stephem us all, not shining light, just stirring the air noisily and to no purpose, while claiming to be somehow an heirloom and a collectible. Do please believe that to decry such offences against taste is emphatically not a kind of snobbery.

It demonstrates quite wonderfully and hilariously how a gambling, shatteringly greedy appetite for power and gross, shatteringly vulgar taste go hand in hand. And, leafing through the book, whose execrable, vomitous taste do you think is shown most exactly to match that stephen fry gambling Trump and his towers and foul resort hotels? Cartoon by the brilliant Tony Husband.

And so I fy myself driving into hell. Stephen Fry at Hay Festival. But stephen fry has to be a blog I think. So here is this blog. .. Did you notice Mr Fry also calls them EVIL too? 0 replies . I lost my nephew to gambling these machines need to be band. The night I nearly had an orgy with Stephen Fry, by Emma Thompson: Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry enjoyed some rather fruity student tribute concert as 'The Gambler' prepares for retirement He's saying farewell. @stephenfry @TheSimonEvans For me his performance as the sinister 'baron gruner' . and two appearances in minder as Maurice the professional gambler!